Monday, 12 September 2011

so here goes rant time!!!
Feel totally crap today its like all the point in everything has just gone all the effort i put into my recovery feels completely pointless I selfharmed which makes me feel like a huge failure!!!

I am so done of all the crap from my past dominating my future. I should be going uni next week but no Im not and have no idea what to do instead its just a another reminder that everything is pretty crap. Im turning 20 on thursday and dont no i feel about it cant make sense of how i am feeling arghhh

However on a more positive note - i went to alton towers for the first time which was soooo good
I was soo bloody scared the first time I rode air my face was a picture :)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

OMG I so want to try this !!!!! I LOVE  starbucks and alcohol so the 2 together = heaven :)
First post - :) 

so this is my new blog :) (pre warn now I may vent alot)
I have been useing tumblr for ages but thought I would convert. I post alot mainly pictures and things that are important to me I use blogs litterly like my life journal its my way of exopressing things without putting them in a diary.

Bit about me-
     Currently I am living in a supported mental health residental ( I no that make me sounds mad but its actually quite normal) its just a big house where people in recovery live and have access to 24hour support if needed. My dream is to work with teens in the health care side of things but unfortuantly due to certain events I have been unable to progress to uni currently however I plan to seek voulenterer work :) (not be bum ) I am obbssed with the colour pink :D Diet coke is the best drink ever !!! FACT. I love shopping I spend far to much but now im waffling any ways sorry if i rant to much xxx